Studio land for sale

Located in Sanders.
VACANT LANDS AND REAL PROPERTY. SUBDIVISIONS: BELL BRAND RANCHES, AZ PARK ESTATES, AZ PARK ESTATES NEW SANDERS, PETRIFIED FOREST ESTATES, ROLLING HILLS RANCHES, RIO VISTA ESTATES. The lot is right on the highway. This urban property located in Apache County in chambers, Arizona, just a 5-minute drive to White Mountain in Concho where you will experience a friendly and comfortable retreat! With so many days of good weather, its a pleasure to bike or takes evening strolls around the neighborhood in Concho Lake, just an hour and a 17-minute drive from the property. There are back country hikes into areas never open before such as Red Basin and little-known areas like the Marthas Butte when you consider a visit to Petrified Forest National Park, just 27 minutes drive from the property. There are also new exhibits that bring the stories to life in the area. GPS Coordinates presented here are based upon the best date we have accumulated, but are not exact. The information is for the purpose of locating your property only. Prior to building a fence or any structure on your land, you should contact a Apache County, Arizona licensed surveyor to mark the exact corners of your property.

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