Studio office for sale

Kazakhstan, Aktau city.
Two buildings located in micro district 2 in living area.
Build in land lot which is a property.
Land lot area is 2000 sq/m

Building number one is 1 floor building which is rent by QSI school.
Area is 380 sq/m
But this building has also technical floor which could builded as second floor.

Second building is 2 floor cottage with basement. Same used by QSI school.
Area is 350 sq/m
Garage uncluded.

Located here on the map.,51.171693&spn=0.003704,0.00552&t=k&z=18
And with selection.
Photos will be available soon.

Total cost $1.500.000 for two buildings and land lot.

Revenue $150.000 from school as a rent pay per year.

About me - Im not an agent. Im the son of my parents who want to sell this property. Any communication with  me because I know english and could talk on basic level.

Additional info by request over phone call +7(921)751-81-66 or by email

Best regards,
Art Fry.

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