Studio property for sale

This offer is a good opportunity for those who love the unspoilt sandy beaches, wild nature, bird watching and peaceful life.
Because the town of Shabla provides all of that. Plus all the amenities that this coastal town could offer – such as different shops, cafes, restaurants, bank offices, post office, bus station, school, kindergartens, etc.
The property is located on a main street that makes it very easy accessible. It needs repair in order to be converted into a nice place for living. Yet it is a very good bargain due to the favorable location, good price and the nice plot of land.
Shabla is located in close proximity to the town of Kavarna, 83 km northeast of Varna and 24 km from the border between Bulgaria and Romania. The town is a developing sea resort with clean beach pleasant for relaxation and thermal water sources. Cape Shabla is the easternmost geographic point of Bulgaria. The oldest sea lighthouse on the Balkan Peninsula rises on it. The Shabla lake Liman, which is situated near the very sea shore, is a wonderful place for tourists and admirers of fishing. Another attractive area - the Shabla Tuzla Resort, is located in close proximity to the lake. It is a lake lagoon, whose bottom is covered by hydrogen sulphide ooze, used for mud treatment. The resort offers excellent conditions for rural, ecological, medicinal, cultural and hunting tourism. It offers hotels, villas, apartments and holiday stations.

In town, Near shop, Near airport, Near bus station, In beach resort, In fishing area, On the sea.

Price: 32.900 Euros

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