1 bedroom property for sale

Two houses set on a corner plot of land with nice panoramic views. The plot has boundaries on 2 streets and has a size of 990 sq.m.

House 1 has a total built up area of 48 sq.m. and consists of:


-Hallway, 2 bedrooms and kitchen upstairs

House 2 is one storey with total built up area 30 sq.m. and consists of:

-Hallway, one bedroom, kitchen + sitting area, bathroom.

There is a garage of 22 sq.m. The plot of land is planted with a variety of vegetables. There are fruit trees (apples, cherries, walnuts) and trellis vines. The house is serviced with water, electricity and septic tank.

The property is situated within walking distance to the central part of the village. There are two food shops and a small cafe.


The house is situated 10 km to Dobrich – main district center

15 km to General Toshevo – nearest market town

35 km to Balchik and the sea coast

60 km to Varna International Airport


Dobrich is the ninth most populated city in Bulgaria, the administrative centre of Dobrich Province and the capital of the region of Southern Dobrudzha. It is located in the northeastern part of the country, 30 km west of the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, not far from resorts such as Albena, Balchik, and Golden Sands. In January 2012, Dobrich was inhabited by 90,375 people within the city limits, while along with the legally affiliated adjacent villages the population was 112,203 inhabitants. The city is named after the Bulgarian medieval lord of the surrounding region - Dobrotitsa. Agriculture is the most developed branch of the economy. The main reason for this is the environment – climate, soils and clean lands. 81% of all the land in Dobrich is agricultural, almost 4,000,000 decares. More than 70% of it is cultivated, which makes Dobrich ?1 cultivated region in the country. Farming, plant-growing and stock-breeding are the most important part of the economy in Dobrich. Dobrudja territory, called the “granary of Bulgaria” is part of the district. Some of the end products made in Dobrich are: bread and flour products, all kinds of sausages, milk and dairy products, poultry products, margarine and vegetable oils, wine, soft drinks.

Dobrich municipality falls into the Temperately Continental Climatic Sub-Zone of the European Continental Climatic Zone. The average annual air temperature is 10.2°?. The springs are comparatively cool; the summers are hot; the autumns are warm because of the warming influence of the Black Sea. In winter the impact of the north-east air masses is more pronounced, which causes the greater differences in the thermal level through the year.

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