1 bedroom property for sale

Solid & ready for living country house with nice location and views situated in the outskirts of a quiet village 30 km away from Sofia.
The house has two floors. There are porch, kitchen, living room and bathroom downstairs while upstairs one can find three bedrooms and a terrace. The house also has two basements. The place is furnished and ready for living. It has running water and electricity as well.
Major renovations had been applied to the place during the last couple of years as visible on the photos. The plot of land is with moderate size and provides some open space along with a couple of fruit trees. Being located in the outskirts of the village, the property provides lots of peace and quiet accompanied by fresh mountain air. A small stream also passes not far away from the house.
The village where this property is situated is in the mountains just 30 km away from Sofia. The area is surrounded by high mountain peaks, rocks and dense forest. It is great for hunting, camping and exploring the wilderness. The village has bus transport connecting it to the neighboring towns and villages and with the local council center – Kostinbrod. There are grocery store, cafe-bar and post office here as well. Ready for use property with great potential at a fair price, waiting for its new owners.

Price: 26.500 Euros

Available on pay monthly!

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