1 bedroom property for sale

The property for sale is a huge former wine merchantandrsquo;s house (built 1896) in the center of growing tourist town of Tutrakan, right above the Danube, near restaurants, museums and the old church which leads down to the historic fishermanandrsquo;s quarter. The house follows the original Romanian architectural plan of six rooms, one which is now a kitchen and one a large bathroom. This is an unusual opportunity for commercial development or could be bought for creative use as well as living/rental space. The house measures 130 sqm on three storeys and has two shops (one big, one small) on street level and large stone cellar behind them which once housed wine vats.
The layout of the apartment is somewhat open plan, with an enormous entrance space and hall leading to the central living area. The vast living room once had a false wall which has since been removed to open up the space, but can be redesigned to make another bedroom. Ceilings are 10 feet high and windows are wooden.
The property has an original wood beam flooring throughout, mostly in good condition though a few beams could stand repair or replacement. The attic space above with sweeping Danube views which could be converted into a three-bed flat, but no stairs in at present. There is a large new black and white bathroom with granitogres floor tiles. The kitchen is marble and the roof is in good repair.
There is a 600 sqm uphill terraced garden. The shops and cellar need completely remodeling but apartment is very livable, requiring mainly painting in some rooms, imaginative use of space and heating installation- in the past a woodstove has been used.
The present owners have had this property for more than 10 years and are looking to downsize. The house comes with everything including appliances, tv and furnishings. None are new, but all in working order/functional and some antique.
About Tutrakan:
Located midway between Ruse and Silistra (60 km in either direction), this is an old Roman garrison town which was once home to a thriving fishing and processing centre trading all the way to Vienna. It is still a fishing town, with good catches of catfish and carp, but the primary local crop today is apricots, take advantage of the fine black alluvial soil. Due to high fruit production, the town boasts its own distillery in the fishing quarter, where you can also buy fresh caught fish from the bourse. Among the most interesting museums is the Danubian Fishing and Boat Construction Museum displaying hundreds of exhibits depicting the history of fishing from ancient times to the present, including nets, harpoons, anchors, 150-meter nets and fishing boats. The Historical Museum contains archaeological and ethnological exhibits, icons and information about the 1916 war with Romania, when Tutrakan reverted back to Bulgarian rule. In summer there are numerous festivals and concerts located in the riverfront park, which also contains the remains of a Roman fortification.
The house is located near the church, which leads down to the historic fishing quarter which once housed several thousand people working the fleets. Today this area is undergoing transformation for tourism and many new/traditional houses and apart-hotels are springing up. The museum owns a cluster of them, EU grant funded, which serve as additional exhibition space.
Tutrakan is also on the Danube cycling route and many cyclists from western Europe pass by the house.

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