1 bedroom property for sale

A charming two floor two bed-roomed house with two bedrooms and veranda on the second floor including a fully equipped bathroom (needing some plumbing attention) a boiler with bath, sink and toilet all leading out onto a balcony overlooking the garden.
Downstairs a fully renovated room with all appliances (needing some plumbing attention). Hot stove and tiled floor renovated and sunken windows. All modern electrics are working upstairs and downstairs with the mains switches set onto the upper floor.
Outside a large garden with two large barns, the garden has chestnut trees with an extended garden at the back. The front gate has two adjacent stone walls entering into the house painted lavender with green trim doors balcony and windows.
The land is 1.330 sq.m.

The property is situated in the village of Rusalya, at just 25 km from the beautiful Veliko Tarnovo.

Price: 8.000 GBP

Payment plan: 200 GBP per month.

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